Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT is a nationally respected leader in professional and career-oriented education. Talented, ambitious, and creative students of all cultures and backgrounds—and from 50 states and more than 95 countries—have chosen to attend RIT.

Few universities provide RIT’s depth and breadth of career-oriented studies. Our eight colleges offer more than 90 different bachelor’s degree programs in art and design, business, engineering, science and mathematics, criminal justice, photography, environmental studies, hospitality and service management, computer science, information technology, bioinformatics, and many other areas.

As a major technical university, RIT offers academic opportunities that extend far beyond science and technology, including more liberal arts courses and faculty than you will find at most liberal arts colleges. With a strong foundation in the humanities and social sciences, you’ll gain an understanding of both technological developments and the philosophy and ethical issues that go with them.

The hallmark of an RIT education is the cooperative education program. RIT is one of the first universities in the world to begin cooperative education back in 1912. Last year, more than 3,600 co-op students alternated periods of study on campus with paid employment at more than 1,900 firms across the U.S. and overseas. Today, experiential education includes much more than just co-op, it involves internships, study abroad, and research, and is designed to enhance your academics with exciting opportunities and experiences.